Gajah Mada Street (East)

Gajah Mada Street is an iconic landmark in Denpasar City. One's visit to Denpasar is often considered incomplete without setting foot on Gajah Mada Street. During the colonial era, Gajah Mada Street was the primary public thoroughfare and served as the nascent heart of Denpasar's burgeoning tourism sector. The street's main allure is undoubtedly its historical essence, evidenced by the presence of old buildings lining both sides, which led to its designation as a cultural heritage zone in 2008.

Since colonial times, Gajah Mada Street has been a commercial hub with a rich multicultural character. Here, merchants of Chinese, Arabian, Indian, Madurese, and Javanese descent have coexisted harmoniously. Denpasar City's residents also remember Gajah Mada Street as an entertainment center, particularly for movies. Along Gajah Mada Street, several cinemas once stood, including Wisnu Theater at the western end of the street and Hollywood Theater, later renamed Indra Djaja, and Indra Theater at the western intersection of Gajah Mada Street.

In the 1960s, a cultural festival named the Gajah Mada Festival was held on Gajah Mada Street. The street's vibrant, bustling character is often depicted in Indonesian and modern Balinese literary texts as a district that "never sleeps".

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