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Madokaran in Denpasar

Madokaran, an integral activity of the Denpasar Heritage City Tour program, was initiated by the Mayor of Denpasar, I Gusti Ngurah Jaya Negara. The Denpasar City Tourism Office, led by Mrs. Dezire Mulyani, effectively implements this initiative. The program's primary objective is to shed light on the myriad tourist attractions in Denpasar, with a special focus on features that underscore Denpasar's esteemed status as a Heritage City.

Situated within Denpasar, the Gajah Mada Heritage Area is a prominent cultural heritage space. It stretches from Thamrin Street in the west, extending all the way to the east, culminating at the Catur Muka Statue. This area boasts a diverse community, where descendants of Chinese, Arab, Indian, and Javanese cultures have cohabited with the local Balinese community for over a century. Not only have these groups formed robust community ties, but they also established the largest traditional trading center and the oldest business district in Bali. As such, this area serves as a testament to the thriving multiculturalism in Bali.

Every Saturday and Sunday, from 09:00–15:00 WITA (Central Indonesian Time), the Madokaran program welcomes the public. Impressively, this immersive experience is offered free of charge. The program features two captivating routes: Route A begins and concludes at the Tegal Terminal (round trip), and Route B initiates and ends at the Badung Market Square (round trip). To facilitate this program, the Denpasar City Government has allocated eight dokar units, with each location being equipped with four dokar units.

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