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The Penambangan Badung Temple

Acting as the royal temple for the Badung Kingdom, the Penambangan Badung Temple was founded in the early stages of the kingdom's establishment. This was accomplished by Kiyai Jambe Pule, bestowed with the title Kiyai Anglurah Pemecutan I.

The temple's name, Penambangan, is intimately linked with the treasures Kiyai Jambe Pule received at Mount Batukaru - a whip (pecut) and a rope (tambang). The temple serves as a metaphorical rope, symbolizing the unity and connection among the Pemecutan family and community. It houses numerous palinggih (holy shrines), inclusive of the paibon, which represents the familial ties of all individuals who contributed to the Badung Kingdom's foundation.

The temple comprises 52 palinggih, 18 of which are paibon palinggih and the remainder being panyawangan palinggih, representing various significant temples in Bali. The stewardship of this temple (pangempon) lies with the community of Puri Pemecutan. The temple celebrates its anniversary (pujawali) on Purnama Kadasa, a full moon in the tenth month of the Balinese calendar tradition, roughly corresponding to March.

Source Cover Image: Denpasar Tourism

Source: Denpasar Tourism

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