Puri Agung Tjokorda Pemecutan

Puri Agung Pemecutan and the Statue of Ida Tjokorda Pemecutan IX

The Puri Agung Pemecutan, the palace of the King of Badung, was originally established in 1686. Puri Pemecutan was initially located west of its current location. Its relocation transpired following the Puputan Badung War on September 20, 1906, as the old palace had been destroyed and taken over by the Dutch. The name 'Pemecutan', according to Denpasar's oral tradition, derives from the word ‘pecut' or whip. The founder of Puri Pemecutan, Kyai Ketut Pemedilan, also known as Kyai Macan Gading, was reportedly adept at handling a 'pecut'. The 'pecut' symbolizing the majesty of the extensive Puri Pemecutan family, endures to this day.

At the intersection before Puri Agung Pemecutan, stands a statue of I Gusti Ngurah Agung Pemecutan, also known as Ida Tjokorda Pemecutan IX, portrayed being borne by four soldiers. This statue memorializes Ida Tjokorda Pemecutan IX, who fell during the Puputan Badung War on September 20, 1906, along with the King of Denpasar, I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung, also referred to as Tjokorda Mantuk Ring Rana.

Dutch records attest that Puri Pemecutan fell into Dutch hands in the late afternoon, just hours after the successful capture of Puri Denpasar. Ida Tjokorda Pemecutan IX and the King of Denpasar, I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung, gave their lives in defense of the sovereignty, the dignity of their people, and the Kingdom of Badung.

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